Results Period 1

The project Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon (Green Salon) has started!
The project started with a first conference on the 08th of December in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

The main goals of the Project Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon is to develop lerning material, games, a roadmap and a diagnostic scan for sustainability in the Green Salon. The educational activities will be tailored to the needs of students in the Hair and beauty sector, schools and employees of companies in the sector.

The two days were spent on workshops about sustainability in the sector, developments in multimedia in the school, entrepreneurial skills, the sustainability game and projectmanagement and administrative tasks.


Welcome and planning Kick off conference

Project image

Certification in the Green Salon

National Allergy centre

Research EU Research and agreements on Health and Safety in the hairdressing sector

Diagnostic scan

Introduction Media

Development internet game

Auditting and Certification

Entrepeunerial skills

Student activities

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Developed assessment tool entrepreneurial skills/competences

In the first period a try-out assessment tool is developed. Access to this tool is available by clicking on this link: in English in Espagnol in Français


Assignment Competences Green Salon

In this period an assignment on competences will be made. Click here to go to the assignment.



Between February and May research will be executed in the five partnercountries. The following questionnaire will be used: questionnaire.