Results Period 5

Conference in Bridgwater

The fifth period in the project ended with the work conference in June 7th- 9th  2017 in Bridgwater. The three days of the conference following subjects were on the agenda:

  • Presentation E-game demo partners
  • Diagnostic scan "digital version"
  • Learning material: 3 modules
  • Playing the physical sustainability game with students
  • Discussion on the Roadmap
  • Concept student program and concept idea Final conference 2018.


Diagnostic Scan

E-game Green Salon

End conference in Amsterdam, March 2018


Student programme:


Students to carry out activity in salon colouring hair using henna and L’Oréal tint
E-game and give feedback

Students to play the physical game
Students to evaluate the new developed game questions of the physical game and give feedback to staff
Evening: social event

Students to write article on the activities and experiences of the last two days
Students activity TBC


Diagnostic scan

During the fourth conference the decision is made to develop an internet version of the Diagnostic scan. The scan is developed and presented during the conference meeting. In the meeting a discussion started on the possibilities to provide more information about the choises a participant made in the scan. The idea was to create an advaced version of the scan. In the coming period a secoind more advanced version of the internet scan will be developed. See Output 4: Diagnostic scan.