Students present the test results of the morning - Diagnostic scan

The students have been collecting data in the morning and had a brainstorming session before sharing the results to the whole group. Then we had the discussion of students & teachers on testing the Diagnostic scan.

Below is a summary of the results of the salon visits: 

  1. Student group 1:

Salon 1: answered level 1 and 2 in 25 minutes.

Salon 2: answered only level 3 in 25 minutes, but he talked much.

Summarized remarks: Good working environment, no ventilation system, chairs at the station had pumps. Gloves were used ‘sometimes’. Other remarks: many different kind of products/marks used. They both want more information on the sustainability topics. Differences with Danish salons: the atmosphere and the way they work.

  1. Student group 2:
  • Salon 1: answered level 3, Quick answers given.
  • Salon 2: didn’t cooperate because too busy in the salon with customers

No eco-friendly stuff, no gloves at all, also not with colouring. They use plastic to rub on the hair for colouring. The owner thinks she is in level 3 because she recycles packaging. It is actually strange, because level 3 is difficult to answer and she couldn’t possibly know as she is not doing any of it. The owner hasn’t filled in the questionnaire as it was not her interest. The employee did it and had an eye-opener in the subjects. The employee had had training course on prevention, but still she was surprised on the data of the questionnaire. In the ergonomic images the employee was afraid of making mistakes, because the owner was behind her watching. She wasn’t sincere and looked uninterested to cooperate.

  1. Student group 3:
  • Salon 1: answered level 2 and 3.
  • Salon 2: answered level 2 and 3; 10 minutes to do.

The first salon they didn’t feel welcome and they had to wait a long time. Owner didn’t care about the questions; she was the wife of the boss. She was not really open; gave the impression that she was afraid customers would hear what she was saying. ‘do you use gloves with manicure and pedicure’ she said yes with pedicure, while at the same time someone got a pedicure without gloves.

Salon 2 was very friendly and took all the time for the students. Was very interested, also in the students where they came from. She was from England. She was also interested to know more, also about the students.

  1. Student group 4:
  • Salon 1: answered level 2 and 3.
  • Salon 2: after half an hour waiting the owner had some time to answer on 2 and 3.

2 completely different salons; the 1st owner was ‘busy’ and an employee answered the list very quick without asking questions. They didn’t really want to do it. Observed remarks: no recycling, no gloves in the first salon with washing and colouring. No ventilation in both salons. The 2nd salon was the owner more interested in the project and the questionnaire, but the owner was trying to talk around the subjects to avoid talking about it. They had the feeling they were not really honest in answering (50/50).

Salon 2 was more interested than salon 1. The questions were clear enough. Remark from the teacher: The 1st salon is actually a very high level standard salon for the richer inhabitants of Malaga and the father of a former student of El Palo. They indicated not needing further information/education.

  1. Student group 5:
  • Salon 1: answered level 1
  • Salon 2: answered level 2
  • Salon 3: first no time to answer the questions. Later, after 35 minutes waiting, level 2.

All 3 salons were welcoming the students with open arms.

The 1st salon owner was and seemed very interested and took the time to answer the questions. The woman doing the nails sat on a low chair, bent over; bad body posture, not healthy.

The 2nd salon had a funny smell, like cigarettes or something strange. Very friendly staff who all wanted to know more on the questions. They got to make pictures. The owner was cutting, so other staff members answered the questions. The teacher knows this salon well. The owner creates a nice working environment, so all staff is happy. When they came in, the owner collected all staff members to sit down and answer the question on their specific knowledge.

The 3rd one was very interested and positive. At the end she talked about money and politics which prevented her to do what she actually is supposed to do; to take measures to implement it (excuses). To ventilate they ‘open the window/door’.

  1. Student group 6:
  • Salon 1: answered level 1, because level 2 was to difficult. Only 1 topic on level 3.
  • Salon 2: answered level

Conclusions: 1st salon owner had neck problems and back pain; he is 61; the other salon 28 years old.

The 1st salon was big with 2 workers, 2nd was small with 5 workers, no ventilation. The 1st had had allergic reaction for 44 years. Maybe he doesn’t know about how to prevent it. The first one was very honest in answering; he was afraid that the customers could hear him but talked honestly. Prevention: they use gloves with washing and colouring.

The 2nd salon; it was not visible what happened. The students were in the front of the salon, the workers were in the back. The owner was not so honest; answered just quickly ‘yes, yes, yes’ to get it quickly over with. The owner did not want pictures to be taken in the salon. The gloves question was answered with ‘yes’, but at the same time they could see that they were not wearing them.

Their opinion: if the 1st owner would have known more, he would certainly have done something about it.

  1. Student group 7:
  • Salon 1: answered level 2
  • Salon 2: answered level 3

1st salon they had to wait a bit. The salon was very white. Answering went quickly. Not really interested. 3 people worked there.

2nd salon they had to wait 40 minutes. Teacher: it is a famous salon who have their own brand of products and think they are very sustainable. The owner didn’t really know the answers; it seemed she lied about things like gloves. They were painting with bleach but didn’t were gloves. It was an interesting experience, especially to do it together with foreign students.

  1. Student group 8:
  • Salon 1: answered level 1,2,3
  • Salon 2: answered level 3, recycling and environment level 2.

1st salon was honest but didn’t take the time to take a good look at the pictures. The workers had good conditions and working environment. She said that they had gloves, but they could see that there weren’t any gloves and not used. She suffered from pain in neck and shoulders and daily headaches.

2nd salon was different; very expensive salon. Bad working environment and conditions. 4 employees. they said also using gloves but none were spotted there. The owner told the students to lie while filling it in(!). he was defensive and answering what the students wanted to hear; very tense. He was not very trustworthy in what he said; was obviously lying. He was interested because one student came from Denmark.

Overall experience: surprised over the fact that compared to Denmark they have bad working conditions and minimum environmental measurements taken.


Wrap up of conclusions and remarks:

  • In general it takes about 15-20 minutes to finish the questionnaire in all levels.
  • Much surprise over the fact that compared to Denmark Spanish salons have bad working conditions and minimum environmental measurements taken.
  • Most questions for clarifications were asked on level 3 and on specific sustainability aspects.
  • In one salon the gloves were re-used and not thrown away.
  • One of the students has the feeling that most hairdressers just don’t know about health & safety. They do what they do, like they’ve learned long time ago. They’re not aware of what is good or bad.
  • Some of the owners were honestly interested, but they just don’t know any better than this. But they want to be informed.
  • All salon owners will receive an e-mail to give them more information and / or feedback.
  • El Palo is planning to go to the Malaga hairdressers federation to offer them information on the courses that we will develop.
  • Remark Lene: don’t be mistaken; the above results and observations might also be the situation in Denmark. We are most likely to experience this everywhere we go. Not only in Spain. It just emphasizes the problem in the industry, especially with the use of gloves.

Thanks to all the students for the wonderful job done!


Overall conclusion:

The results are not a surprise, but there is still a world to gain. Some people in the visited salons are motivated to make changes.

Wearing gloves is also an issue in the participating schools, not only in the salons. Not everybody is as consequent as it should be. Training on the gloves is done, but the use is not always as it should be; for example with colouring yes, but in washing no. One of the reasons not to use them is even from the teachers point of view problematic. If they don’t promote it, the students won’t do it either.