Student activities

In the project there are several different activities & assignments. During the conferences in Spain, Great Britain and The Netherlands students will participate. Activities will be perform on:

  • Pretesting the developedlearning materials, the games and the concept diagnostic scan.
  • Developing the content of a PDF magazine about sustainability and entrepreneurship in the Hair & Beauty sector. The design will be done by students from The Netherland and/or France. The dedicated magazine will be presented at the conference.
  • Preparing and executing a demo on sustainable hair on real life models during the conference and the information market. The models will be students of the participating Hair and Beauty schools.

And in the schools students will participate in developing and testing materials. 

Activities in the tree cities:

October 2016: Malaga:

  • activity with diagnostic scan (in development)
  • start with content of the magazine
  • rough outlines on demo on sustainable hair on real life models


June 2017: Bridgewater:

  • students will test the prototype of the e-game
  • students will test the physical sustainability game
  • move forward with and finalize the content of the magazine


March 2018: Amsterdam: 

  • students will present their experiences in testing the learning material on workstations 1-3 (Nov 17-Feb 18)
  • presentation of the final magazine
  • organisation of the demo on sustainable hair on real life models


Report on student activities 

Presentation student activities in Spain


Student assignment Magazine

In the project one of the student assignments is the development and production of a Magazine. The assignment you can find under this link.

The presentation on this assignment you can find under this link.