Output 4: Diagnostic scan

The diagnostic scan (self assessment) is a tool to make a "picture" of the status of your company, salon or heardressers department of a VET-institute regarding sustainable aspects like: health and safety and environment. The scan has three levels: basic- intermediate - expert. The scan has questions on the following subjects:

  • General Questions (for statistics data)
  • Health and Safety: chemicals, use of gloves and ergonomics
  • Prevention Management
  • Sustainability: consumption  and recycling
  • Information / knowledge needs

The scan is available in 4 languages. The diagnostic scan is tested in SME's and at VET-institutes in Denmark, Great Britain, Spain and The Netherlands.

English version Diagnostic scan 

Nederlandse versie Diagnostische scan

Spanish version Diagnostic scan/Escáner Valorado

English version Diagnostic scan including scores

Spanish version Diagnostic scan including scores/Escáner para utilizar peluquerias

Danish version Diagnostic scan including scores

Nederlandse versie Diagnostische scan inclusief scores


Diagnostic Scan Internet  applications

As an extra deliverable the paper version of the diagnostic scan (which you can download above) is "translated" to an internet based version. There is an basic version and an advanced version. The advanced version includes advice to the user to improve their business on several aspects of health and safety and environment.

Diagnostic scan E-tool Basic version (in English and Spanish). This scan is without advice.

Diagnostic Scan E-tool Advanced Version (in Spanish, English, French and Dutch)