Results Period 6

Conference in El Palo, Malaga

The meeting was held on October 5th and 6th.

Issues at the meeting were:

  • Learning Modules 1-2-3
  • Finalizing internet version Diagnostic scanner
  • Internet awareness game Green Salon
  • Physical sustainability game
  • Magazine
  • Final Sector conference Amsterdam March 2018
  • Dissimination and impact.


Diagnostic scan

During the fourth conference the decision is made to develop an internet version of the Diagnostic scan. The scan is developed and presented during the conference meeting in Bridgwater. In the meeting a discussion started on the possibilities to provide more information about the choises a participant made in the scan. The idea was to create an advaced version of the scan. In the period to the Malaga-conference the secoind more advanced version of the internet scan is developed. See Output 4: Diagnostic scan. The last corrections regarding the translations will be executed during October 2017.