Output 8: Physical sustainability game green salon

In the Green Salon project we promised to develop a physical game on sustainability. More information on this game in your own language you can get of the contactperson of this language. Click here to go to the contactpage.

The game

In the Green Salon project an existing green game is rebuild to fit to the needs in the Health and Beauty education. This "Physical sustainability game green salon" is a game for groups of students in a classroom focussed on two goals:

  • learn more about several aspects of sustainability
  • group behavior in the classroom.

The students are devided among 5 companies. They have to answer questions about sustainable issues rekated to the different companies. The group with the lowest score ( low CO2 footprint) wins the game.

It is also funny to learn about the diverse aspects of sustainability through playing a game.

Introduction of the sustainability game

In the capital of Europia, called Mapton city, there is a shopping mall called ‘EuroMall’.  EuroMall is a modern shopping mall, with over 50 shops, located in the very heart of the city centre of Mapton. It is a completely covered shopping centre with an enormous variety of shops, which makes it a real shop-heaven for millions of shop-addicts across the country of Europia, every year.

The management of the city centre (area) organizes on a yearly basis the ‘enterprise of the year’ award for its shops and their location managers. Every year there is a central theme for the award.

This year the theme for the award will be sustainability. Who will be the most sustainable enterprise or shop of the year and will bear this prestigious title for the whole year, including lots of free publicity.

The criteria for the award winning shop or organisation are based on the principles of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. The jury rewards the taken initiatives for their courage and creativity in sustainable entrepreneurship and the knowledge of and attitude towards sustainability.  

There are 5 nominees who are all very eager to win the title. But to win this prestigious award, they still have to answer a range of questions in different fields of knowledge, skills and attitudes but also in the field of ‘knowing your neighbours’.

The jury is formed by the management of the city centre area, some city council consultants on sustainability & CSR and the public.  

The 5 nominees for this year are:

  • Hair salon ‘Gait's Hair Salon’
  • Nail Studio ‘BLINGBLING’
  • Travel Agency ‘FLY-DRIVE’
  • Lunch & Diner ‘YUMMIE’
  • Telephone & tablet store ‘RRRING’