Output & Learning material

In the project  in the Hair & Beauty sector we will developed output and learning materials in five languages.

  • Research report and expertmeeting
  • Sustainability game (physical)
  • Diagnostic scan and roadmap
  • Learning material on sutainability in the Green Salon
  • Sustainability game (internet)
  • Entrepreneurial skills assessment tools (internet)

All the output can be used in VET-institutes, Higher Education and in incompany-training in SME-companies in the Hair & Beauty sector.

All the learning material includes:

  • student material
  • teachersguide with practical information

The learning material on sutainability in the Green Salon will have also:

  • powerpoint presentations
  • studentworkbook
  • assignments.

More information

If you want information on the output and the learning material, you can contact the contactperson in your country or contact Stivako to get information on the English version.


Output 1: Introduction & Levelling

Output 2&3: Research report and expertmeeting

Output 4: Diagnostic scan

Output 5: Roadmap

Output 6: Learning Material

Output 7: Internet awareness game

Output 8: Physical sustainability game

Communication and dissemination