Sustainability Game Green Salon

The Sustainability Game offers a method to get aware of sustainability and her different aspects in a pleasant way. Sustainability plays a role both at home and at work. For a company sustainable development is an important issue.
Customers will ask in the future sustainable behavior of the company and its employees. It is important that employees and staff get involved with ideas of sustainability. And also future workers, the students of schools in the present time, have to get aware of the importance and have to learn about the different aspects of sustainability.

Through the Sustainability Game people learn about the importance of sustainability, different aspects and the impact on the environment, energy consumption, health and safety-apects etc.



Internet Green Game

The Green Game will be as built as a part of this European Erasmus+ project, aimed at creating more awareness of green issues and sustainabilty.

The game, allows you to achieve this awareness through interactive (multiple-choice) online form. The statements and choices will be carefully selected from the content of the project to allow you to monitor your progress and the quality of your awareness. Based on your choice for every issue in every theme, you will receive valuable information.

You can interact with the system as if it were are simple questionnaire. The difference is, that for many questions, you will receive in-depth information. Based on every answer you give, to every question, the system will give you feedback (immediately, or later as a downloadable report).

In earlier projects, we have created digital tools and games. Our experience in recent development of a digital (web-based) game takes into consideration some important trends that we use to the advantage of our project and our project results. Our latest game was one that allows students, employees and employers to gain insight into sustainability in a fun way.

In the recent years, the method of teaching has shifted from the traditional vocal method to blended learning. Blended learning offers the material through different media. In this way the educational institutes find a better math with the world of youths. Adults that want to increase their skills are also accustomed to working through multi-media. Our projects create concrete solutions: both a physical and a digital interactive (educational) module in the form of a game. The material offers both practical experience and information from several industries and government. It even goes a step further and helps the student get more value out of communication- and marketing opportunities concerning sustainability.

 Serious games – Dutch ones prominent among them – are an internationally ever more successful formula to confer knowledge and attitude in a playful manner. Serious games are therefore not only one of the newer ways in which companies in the creative industry can show their value, but are also a strong force in education and communication that the project partners gladly use.