Results Period 3

Visit L’Oréal Madrid

On the 4th of October the team of the Green Salon project visited L’Oréal Madrid. We were welcomed by the Director CSR of L’Oréal Igor Capracci. CSR means Corporate  Social Responsebility. We started with a presentation of the CSR-policy of the company. Igor Capracci gave an explanation of the key factors in the policy and the key performance indicators L’Oréal uses to measure their performance on thath issues. Serveral fields of CSR were explained such as environment, labour circumstances etc.

The L'Oreal Green Academy, the only one of its kind in the world, combines the application of the most modern technologies and the use of environmentally-friendly materials to establish the basis of hairdressing for future generations in the 21st century.

In Spain, the hairdressing sector provides employment for 108,000 professionals every year, receives 175 million client visits and has a turnover of 4.2 billion euros (i.e. 0.4% of Spain’s GDP).

L’Oréal, the world leader in the cosmetics market, has taken another step forward in its commitment to responsible and sustainable innovation by opening the first “Green Academy” in Madrid. This new concept in hairdressing combines a strong technological character with a focus on environmental education, so as to allow the application of and greater familiarity with environmental values and sustainability among professionals in this sector.

Conference in Malaga

The third period in the project ended with the work conference in October 2016 in Malaga.

The three days of the conference the reserach, the draft of the diagnostic scan and the specific presentations per partner were discussed.

The presentation per partner on subjects:

Diagnostic scan

Student assignment: The magazine

Introduction to Spanish Education System


Physical sustainable game



Diagnostic Scan

The diagnostic scan is a tool to make a "picture" of the status of your company, salon or heardressers department of a VET-institute regarding sustainable aspects like: health and safety and environment. The scan has three levels: basic- intermediate - expert. The scan has questions on the following subjects:

  • General Questions (for statistics data)
  • Health and Safety: chemicals, use of gloves and ergonomics
  • Prevention Management
  • Sustainability: consumption  and recycling
  • Information / knowledge needs

The concept of the diagnostic scan: diagnostic scan