The Green Salon internet game played in a hairdressing school

SEPR a vocational training center located in Lyon has hosted one of the Green salon partners IGS within its campus. This school offers 110 different training courses for  3 600 students each year. They have a health and Beauty department of studies supervised by Mrs Pascale MAITRALLET.

There were 2 sessions, the first one was held on 12 April 2018 with health and beauty professionals and trainers. The game and the project were presented.

Mrs Obermeyer a Sustainable Development and Health and safety Expert and professor, and Mrs Lempereur a hairdresser trainer. They shared their expertise and feedback on the game in order to make the final adjustments

The professionals tested the game and provided a feedback to IGS representatives on the specific vocabulary used and questions. This step was important before making the students specialized in health and beauty test the game.

A second session was organized on 24 May 2018 with 1st and 2nd year BTS (HND) students. They played the game mainly in French and made their observations on the technical aspect. The game players enjoyed this edutainment and some of them stated they will explore the English and Spanish game too as it will enable them to be acquainted with the foreign technical vocabulary before their professional mobility abroad. They found the game user-friendly and to raise awareness of sustainable development and health & security. Some students stated: “The difficulty level could be increased according to the targets or level of studies”.  Others students commented that some questions could be culture and good practice-related with other countries.

SEPR will ask their CAP level students (NVQ level 1 and 2) to play the game.

The Health and Beauty department of studies consider integrating the Green Salon game as part as an introduction to some Chapters of their training program and would like to see it evolve in the framework of a new EU project...

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