Salon Look 20 Anniversary

Last 3-5 of November, "SALON LOOK 20 Anniversary" was celebrated in Madrid, and our colleague Esther Lopez contacted different exhibitors and companies that distributed, in our country, sustainable and healthy cosmetics. 

The visit was successful, and for the first time, we could realize how most of the exhibitors had products with a "Green" concept in its entirety or in one of its ranges. 

"It is curious how we have taken longer than other countries to meet the demands of the market, because until recently, at the hairdressing fairs in Spain, only the big brands were exhibited, and few had developed products that thought about the need to be more healthy "... says our colleague when she tells us about the visit and the sensations she had compared to previous years. She could also appreciate how the Green Salon Project arouses interest between the professionals and how it completely fits within the new trends of the sector. 

She also visited the stand of Videocinco, the most important editorial in the field of the Personal Image, informing them of the evolution of the project GREEN SALON and when we´ll have all the learning tools ready to be used.


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