Green Salon project and Sikana

The Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon project is coming to an end and the activities that have been carried out have enabled the project to be promoted in different countries. In France Sikana, an NGO, has contacted the Green Salon partners and will promote the learning material through its website.

 A few words about Sikana 

Sikana is a non-profit organization founded in 2014. Its aim is to equip people with practical skills through free educational video programs. The website is available in 10 different languages.

A couple of observations

Billions of people do not have folks or teachers to help them acquire basic skills, unlock their potential and lead happy and dignified lives. 3 billion people have access to screens and our goal is to transform them into tools for instruction. Video is a powerful and cost-effective medium to promote skill acquisition and health and environmental awareness.

This is why Sikana set out on a mission to share for free the skills and passions of the best experts from different fields: health, environment, vocational skills, sports... An innovative and collaborative journey

Sikana gathers communities of volunteers and expert organizations to co-create educational solutions. The Sikana community helps across the entire creation process: writing, production, dubbing, dissemination, and development of IT tools. The Green Salon project and learning material will benefit to the Sikana community and will be widely broadcast.

The impact

Sikana's mission is to expand access to practical education through free instructional and awareness programs co-created by our community.

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