Green Salon at company-day Stivako

Stivako has moved to their new office. From Amstelveen to Schiphol-Rijk! To introduce our new office Stivako has organized a introduction meeting, the so called company-day. In the program were several workshops and presentation. Also on leadership and the Green Salon-project. The goals of the project and the project approach were presented. The central aim to support the (female) entrepreneurs and companies and its employees in the creative sector to go through a transformation and innovation process to create a company with a sustainable business case were central issues in the presentation. 

We also invited an external partner, Guido van Gageldonk, to zoom in in the technical developments outside the creative industry. With  Guido van Gageldonk, the participants had to stimulate the brain to get their idea on their future image of technological developments. 3D visualizations and virtal reality were the main focus. With today's limitations and the possibilities of tomorrow, he showed a whole new light on 'media components', which in reality do not exist at all at this moment, but offer great potential in countless series of applications. 

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