The Green Salon project presented on the European annual EGIN Conference Lisbon

On the annual conference of the European Graphic Media Industry Network (EGIN) at the 21st of April 2016, the Green Salon project was presented. The audience comes from VET institutes, employers en employees organizations, form 11 EU member states. Most of the participants are aware of the sustainability problems but are not aware of the situation in the Hair and Beauty sector.

The main goals of the Green Salon project is to develop:  new educational products like workshops on sustainability and innovation, entrepreneurial skills, teaching materials for schools and post vocational education about sustainability in the 'green' salon, a study of management systems of sustainability in the sector, a diagnostic scan and roadmap for businesses and schools, a physical sustainability game and an Internet awareness game about sustainability and entrepreneurial skills.

The educational institutes in EGIN mostly are part of a bigger eduactional structure with also hair and beauty institutes are part of. Through this presentation we hope the information of this project Green Salon will be dissiminated 

Let’s hope that more and more companies (SME’s), VET institutes, employer and employee organizations will be inspired to inform the people in their network about this project and its challanges so that the outcomes of the project will reach more people of the targetgroup.

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