Succesfull conference Green salon in El Palo, Malaga.

The project Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon (Green Salon) has organized a sixth conference on the 5th  and  6 th of June in Malaga.

The main issues of this conference were:

  • discussing the results of the developed learning material of three learning modules on environment, health and safety and entrepreneurial skills. The learning material will be developed by the four participating hair and beauty schools;
  • presentation of the concept e-game;
  • discussing the results of the developed physical sustainability game. In the next period the game will be translated en tested in the participating countries;
  • presentation of the definite version of the internet based diagnostic scan. The partners have decided to develop this scan as an extra deliverable. The diagnostic scan will be built as an internet assessment tool for the schools and SME's and the entrepreneur and employees in the sector.

The learning material is devided in three modules each foccusing on an other suject: envirionment, health and safety and management skills. After the conference the developed and discussed the learning material will be translated in three other languages, Danish, Dutch and Spanish. The different versions will be tested in the participating VET-institutes.

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