Press release 17-06-2017 conference Green salon in Bridgwater (UK)

The project Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon (Green Salon) has organized a fifth conference on the 7th -9th of June in Bridgwater. The main issues of this conference were:

  • discussing the results of the developing of the three modules of learning material. The learning material will be developed by the four participating hair and beauty schools;
  • presentation and testing by the participating students from Denmark, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Spain of the concept e-game. The last adjustments will be made in the coming period;
  • playing the physical sustainability game by the students and discussing the results of the development so far;
  • presentation of the concept version of the internet based diagnostic scan in Spanish and English. The partners have decided to develop this scan as an extra deliverable. The diagnostic scan wil be built as an internet assessment tool for the schools and SME's and the entrepreneur and employees in the sector.


The main goals of the Green Salon project is to develop:  new educational products like workshops on sustainability and innovation, entrepreneurial skills, teaching materials for schools and post vocational education about sustainability in the 'green' salon, a study of management systems of sustainability in the sector, a diagnostic scan and roadmap for businesses and schools, a physical sustainability game and an Internet awareness game about sustainability and entrepreneurial skills.


The participating organizations:

AARHUS TECH is a large educational institution in Denmark specialized in technical studies and offering a range of international activities.

EL PALO is a VET-institute in Spain. The educational levels offered by El Palo include baccalaureate, vocational training in beauty, hairdressing and Personal Image Consultant and Social Programs.

IGS (Institute de Gestion Sociale) in France, a group of higher education institutes, training centres (full-time, cooperative and executive) and research facilities based on the concept of an International Professional University.  

BRIDGWATER College caters for more than 15.000 full and part-time students each year and employs more than 1.000 staff. The student population comprises approximately 3.500 16 â€“ 18 year olds, as well as 700 students following higher education programmes.

ROC van Amsterdam in the Netherlands is one of the largest community colleges in Europe with approximately 35.000 students; 3.500 part-time and fulltime staff spread over roughly 60 locations.

STIVAKO, a Dutch VET-institute for management and leadership in the print media and creative industries. Stivako is the coordinator of the project.


More information? Visit the project website: www.